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Paul Rand

We first met as two young and enthusiastic designers with great passion. This is probably what connected us. They say that opposites are drawn to each other and that is what happened with us. We had great chemistry from the start and worked very well together. Leading extensive processes of product planning and design, from the initial stage of having an idea, through to production.

The differences between us are the secret to our success.  Different things are important to us when we work. Alon insists on integrating the most advanced technology and to work with new materials and Sharon does not compromise the aesthetic side of the product and making sure it meets the customer’s needs. The result is an innovative, original, precise and beautiful product.

So as you understand, we mean business. We both have many years of experience in the industrial world. We deal with constraints very well. We know what production layouts and packaging are and are not intimidated by machines. Over the years we have developed our own unique perspective, a personal touch that embodies the sources of our inspiration, our hobbies, perspective and the things we love. We bring the groove.

So why work with us?

Here are 10 reasons, for starters:
  • We are extremely nice people.
  • We enjoy stepping outside conventions and thinking outside of the box. You can feel comfortable with us to share your wildest design fantasies and we promise to fulfil them as accurately as possible.
  • We make sure to be up to date on the latest design trends, advanced technologies and materials and you enjoy the results.
  • We will not stop working until you are satisfied. We love products but love satisfied customers even more.
  • 12 years of industrial experience are extremely important.
  • We are experts in working with plastic.
  • We always meet deadlines.
  • We have the coolest studio in the country.
  • Alon makes great coffee.
  • We have a Groove.

Let's get down to business

What can we do?

So after getting to know each other over a cup of  great coffee (made by Alon), we will develop the initial concept for design together, by observing, studying and examining the surroundings.

At the end of the examination stage (that we will try to make as short as possible), we will draft a precise and concise characterization document.

To show you that we are not just good at talking and fantasizing, we will also conduct physical testing of the product all throughout the process, to make sure it is looks good, works perfectly and meets all your needs. We will create an engineering prototype, draft a feasibility model, a design model and 3D print outs.

Your marketing manager will not be left empty-handed, we will give him a realistic virtualization, so he can present it at board meetings and in ads.

After approving the prototype, we will adapt the design to the desired (and existing) production methods and we will plan the molds and production tools. We will also accompany the manufacturing process, including a visit to the mold producer, in Israel or overseas.

We will accompany the pilot injections and the initial series and of course the manufacturing at the factory and we will design the best possible package to properly protect your product, according to the distribution method.

If the product also requires assembly, we will draft simple and easy to understand instructions.

We are always happy to share our vast experience on the production floor with our clients and suggest ways to improve the production, packaging and transporting processes.

We believe that design affects all stages of the project and that is why we feel obligated to accompany you all through the process. If you only want us there for part of the process, that is also fine and we will give you your space. We promise not to be touchy about it and the most important thing is that we maintain the Groove together.

Sharon Shmila

Lives in Ramat Gan, Married to Erella, father to three amazing girls, strict on running, but not too much. I combine my love for materials and colors with cooking a wide range of flavors.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in product design from Vital College and experienced in interior design as well.

I provide sensitivity to color and form.

Uncompromising about looks and style, I don’t take any shortcuts; I’m very thorough and have a wide view on the world of design.

I can work quickly and efficiently, manage several projects at the same time and am highly organized.

I love this profession and feel truly lucky to work in the field. My greatest pleasure is to provide people with products which give a solution to all their needs yet are exciting and full of inspiration.

What would I do if I weren’t an industrial designer? A set designer or a conceptual artist.



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